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The Jardine Engineering Corporation, Limited (JEC) delivers world-class innovative engineering solutions, industry-leading products, and internationally benchmarked professional services to Asia’s built environment.

We believe that a proactive approach toward conserving and enhancing natural resources is consistent with our business principles and values. We recognize that efficient use and protection of resources are vital for the continued success of our operations and provide a valuable benefit to our customers and communities. JEC is committed to the effective stewardship of the environment and promoting its protection. It is our policy to protect and limit any impact our operations may have on the environment.

The ultimate responsibility for environmental protection within JEC rests with the Chief Executive. This responsibility shall be delegated, without abrogation, through the line management organization. In our day-to-day management, every employee shall support and be fully committed to implement this policy.

Top Management Commitment
Point 1
Fully comply with both applicable legal requirements and contractual requirements in all aspects as a minimum standard of performance;
Point 2
In the planning, design and operation of our facilities and services, apply a risk and opportunity-based approach for the environment and principle of sustainable development to reduce energy and material needs and practice waste minimization;
Point 3
Prevent pollution in both project design and production operations to the extent practicable;
Point 4
Operate an Environmental Management System and maintain a method of evaluating environmental performance for continuous improvement in accordance with the requirement of ISO 14001:2015;
Point 5
Communicate and advance the use of environmental best practices to the employees, sub-contractors and suppliers to secure their commitment to the policy and its implementation;
Point 6
Encourage environmental protection, promote the awareness and provide training to employees, sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure that environmental actions are included in our decision making;
Point 7
Encourage and enhance protection of biodiversity and ecosystems;
Point 8
Foster productive partnerships and be responsive to our environmental stakeholders; and
Point 9
Play an active role in the environmental community.

This policy and JEC performance under the policy will be reviewed annually as part of the Management Review to ensure continuous improvement of environmental standards in JEC. Any revision of the policy will be brought to the attention of all employees.

Noky Wong
Chief Executive
1 September 2021 - Revision 16
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