Contracting Services Sourcing

As one of the largest service providers in Asia, with thousands of technical staff, the JEC Services offering is built on trust in our engineering and electrical & mechanical (E&M) facilities management capability. JEC services over 100 million square feet of facilities in Asia. Our reliable building service operations mean that customers can confidently focus on their core businesses.

If necessary, JEC can rapidly apply extensive engineering manpower and resources to meet unexpected and urgent needs such as breakdowns or facility emergencies. In addition, we can meet the demanding requirements of critical facilities where zero-downtime is required.

Control & Monitoring System Upgrade & Integration

JEC is a pioneer in the provision and operation of building automation systems and information management for facilities. Cost management and waste reduction in energy usage, security, heating and cooling, as well as monitoring and managing data from electrical & mechanical (E&M) and plant equipment. We are also able to undertake live traffic monitoring, such as in retail outlets, for data analysis or security.

Energy Management

JEC's energy management teams help businesses minimise carbon footprints, reduce waste and eliminate unnecessary costs.  Based on primary data collection and analysis, they identify energy management opportunities and suggest system improvements, an implementation path and potential cost savings.  They can also review compliance with local building regulations and the achievement of green building certifications such as LEED, BEAM Plus or Green Mark.

E&M Facility Management

The operation and maintenance of electrical & mechanical (E&M) systems is essential to the smooth running of any business.  JEC provides facility management services that always conform to international best practice. Taking a proactive role, JEC staff identify issues and opportunities that strengthen a customer's business.

Maintenance & Emergency Repair
JEC is adept at delivering planned maintenance and overhaul, emergency repairs, and system retrofits. Our services include electrical, ventilation, air-conditioning, fire protection, security, building management, and plumbing systems. We always aim to optimise cost-effectiveness and energy management. In support of our facility management services, our engineering teams undertake scheduled and unscheduled maintenance which maximises efficiency and minimises downtime. Our emergency response units are constantly on standby.
Security & Fire Signal Monitoring

JEC's Signal Monitoring Centre (SMC) operates 24 hours a day, ready to respond to any alarm signal from customers' properties across Hong Kong. Employing advanced monitoring technologies, the SMC in Hong Kong is capable of detecting signals from multiple individual sensors, allowing JEC to help customers reduce disruption from false alarms.

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