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The depth of JEC's capabilities in transport & logistics is demonstrated by the high profile of our projects and customers. We work closely with major infrastructure operators to ensure that large flows of passengers enjoy the best possible travel experience. 


At the Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport we installed the world's first radiant floor cooling system. The system minimises energy loss and now serves up to 45 million passengers per year. At the Hong Kong International Airport we upgraded the baggage handling system – one of the largest such systems in the world, sorting and transporting over 29 million items a year – and guarantee sub-24-minute resolution of any issue. We also help assure the airport's high levels of efficiency and security by screening over 47 million passengers per year through metal detectors and x-ray machines.


JEC provides specialist equipment, construction services, built technologies and support services, including rail depot equipment, ultrasonic rail inspection vehicles, platform screen and fire doors. We provide services for rail operations such as the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand and Hong Kong's MTRC, the metro systems in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the Xi'an railway. Since 1979, by providing specialist maintenance equipment for MTR trains in Hong Kong, JEC has ensured peace of mind for 3.7 million daily weekday passengers, while in Thailand, we enabled tunnel ventilation systems in the MRTA underground system.

Cargo & Courier Hub
JEC has led the way in the installation of X-ray screening systems at border crossings, and has also demonstrated capability in the provision of ferry terminals, among other areas. Cargo centres and logistics centres benefit from our expertise in distribution and storage systems. For heavy duty lifting equipment we design and build crane and hoist systems with capacities of up to 160,000 kg.
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