JEC Project:
Energy Efficient Air-Conditioning System and Co-Generation Plant at the Government Office Centre Complex, Bangkok, Thailand

DeveloperGovernment Complex: Dhanarak Assets Development Company Limited / Co-Generation Plant: PTT Public Company Limited
JEC ScopeSupply and Installation of Co-generation Plant and Air-Conditioning & Ventilation System
Project Completion Date2009

The Government Office Centre Complex (GOCC) in Bangkok is a sustainable building that incorporates advanced green engineering concepts. JEC Thailand sourced and installed a highly efficiency air-conditioning and ventilation system (HVAC) and an energy efficient co-generation power plant for the GOCC.

Energy Saving HVAC System

The GOCC air-conditioning system was designed with an ultra low cooling load. JEC was responsible for supplying and installing the air conditioning, ventilation, and chilled water equipment. The air-conditioning equipment included a Dedicated External Environmental Control System which controls the ventilation and infiltration through a cold box concept and air lock entrances. JEC also installed exhaust fans that remove warm air from between the inner and outer layers of glass in the building envelope.

Co-generation Plant

During the day, two 4.7 MV gas turbine generators use natural gas to generate electricity and waste heat is used to run two 3000 tonne refrigerant absorption chillers to produce 6000 RT of chilled water at 6 oC. At night, when electricity costs are cheaper, two 2000 RT and two 1000 RT electric chillers produce chilled water. The total plant efficiency is 80%. The combined heat and power the plant delivers is 35% more efficient relative to a normal power plant. The gas turbines also act as an emergency essential power supply for the GOCC.

Thermal Storage System

To address the difference in cooling needs at different times JEC installed a thermal storage system. The system is charged with chilled water during the night which is then discharged during the day. This reduces the required cooling capacity of the plant and saves energy and costs.

Greywater System

Wastewater is collected in distributed septic tanks. The wastewater is then treated and reused as irrigation water and for the GOCC pond. The Co-generation system at GOCC is an example of how JEC supports green building projects by sourcing cutting-edge technologies and providing engineering contracting expertise.

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