JEC Project:
Central Plaza Chaengwattana Electrical and Mechanical Installation, Thailand

DeveloperCentral Pattana Public Company Limited
JEC ScopeSupply and installation of air-conditioning and ventilation system, electrical and communication system, sanitary and fire protection system
Project Completion Date2009

JEC Thailand supplied and installed the mechanical and electrical systems for the Central Plaza Chaengwattana, the largest shopping mall in Northwest Bangkok. JEC installed the air-conditioning and ventilation system, electrical system, and an integrated building management system.

 Integrated Building Management System (IBMS)

The IBMS controls the operation of the lighting system and air-conditioning & ventilation system for optimal efficiency:

  •  Lighting System: The department store can set the time to automatically switch the lights. In some areas which receive natural light, Lux sensors register natural light intensity and automatically dim or brighten artificial lighting to meet the desired lux level.
  •  Air-Conditioning and Ventilation System: Sensors were installed to monitor the temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide level in the area. They increase energy efficiency and control indoor air quality.

Energy Efficiency Air-Conditioning

The air-conditioning and ventilation system was installed according to a Low Flow Low Temperature design.

Water supplied into and out of the Air Handling Units (AHU) and Fan Coil Units (FCU) usually enters at a temperature of 45°F and exits at a temperature of 55°F with a change of 10°F. The low flow concept, in contrast, allows water to enter at 42°F and exit at 57°F with a change of 15°F. This larger temperature range (or delta) provides a more efficient means of transferring heat load.

Larger than normal chillers were used to generate lower temperature chilled water. Other equipment such as pumps, pipes and valves were smaller than usual as the system operates with a low water flow design. This design reduced equipment costs and energy use. The system saves about 20-30% of energy consumption in comparison with a standard installation.

Water Saving Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems

The system reduces water costs by reusing water. Solids and waste water coming from toilets and restaurants are treated and passed to a reused water tank. The reused water is then used for secondary purposes such as toilet flushing and irrigation. Condensed water from AHU and FCU is also recycled by passing through an automatic sand filter and a carbon filter. The water is then pumped to cooling towers.

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